Napoleonic 28mm plastic/metal minis for skirmish gaming the 1812 retreat

Started by henjed, 21 November 2023, 07:35:44 PM

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Good evening,

I've been toying with the idea of doing Crimean skirmishes with TFL's Sharp Practice 2 in 18mm (Eureka possibly supplemented by some AB where appropriate) but am increasingly drawn to the wide-open possibilities of a campaign of skirmish games based on the retreat from Moscow in 1812, for which of course there are oodles of figure choices in 28mm, some of which could be purchased in plastic to lighten the expense (and not necessarily reduce quality, from what I've heard).

Having a quick look online for plastics we seem to have Victrix (big hands), Warlord and Perry (Wargames Atlantic not yet having done any French or Russian figures), while supplementing this with some metal figs we have more Perry (including some designed for the retreat - albeit French only), Foundry and Casting Room Miniatures.

I'm sure I'm missing some possibilities (especially in metal) but of the above, does anyone have a sense of how compatible they are with each other? This will probably be a long running endeavour, buying figures a unit or two at a time and wanting some variety to reflect different troop types.

Any advice, as ever, very welcome  :-)

Mike H

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They have some crazy figures there (and some decent 15mm historicals - it's where I picked up the Furioso rules for my 6mm Italian Wars(+Ottomans) project.