The Huns - 1 Steppe Forwards, 2 Steppes back?

Started by madaxeman, 01 December 2023, 10:46:09 AM

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Three Hun-tastic battle reports from the L'Art de la Guerre Southern League Round 4 at Entoyment last weekend now posted, which see the Huns take on a variety of other Steppe-based nomads in some swirling and dramatic horse archery-rich encounters

You know the drill by now - nonsensical captions, vaguely related videos, commentary from Nasty Hannibal..

This time around you'll also no doubt be delighted to hear that I've also managed to sneak in a lot of references to saddle-fermented cheese, horseback flatulence and even to conjure up some AI-generated images that tie in with these historically dubious themes as well.

Reports now online at
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