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Started by BernaDotDotDot, 02 March 2024, 01:09:51 AM

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This line of thinking reminds me of my biggest rules pet peeve in my past and a recent conversation locally- Space Elves who have the technology to grow ships and trap souls in gems, had weapons that scatter, let alone 66% of the time. No, I can target not just you at two miles with this technology, but the pebble you're about to step on.

My dilemma though, is scattering templates are always fun...
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My pet peeve about the Eldar/ Space Elves is that with that technology they are going for fields that make them marginally harder to see rather than some multi-phasic, multi-layer stops almost everything mega shield.
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Oh! There are only a few of these ... I don't need to note which colours I use!

... a few months, and a few purchases later ...

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