SHQ has been sold

Started by Orcs, 14 November 2023, 10:20:34 PM

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As some of you will know SHQ has been up for sale. It has now been bought by Andy Grubb as per of hie expanding empire.

I spoke to him at Warfare last weekend and he has several thousand production molds to sort. So please bear with him if you place an order.

I know some complaints have been made of him in the past regarding timescales or lack of communication, but I have found him to be totally honest and reliable. He just is very busy, so give him a call
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That's interesting to hear, I know he was still trying to get on top of the Redoubt ranges so hopefully he's not taking on too much there! - Now home to over 7000 products, including 4500 items for 10mm wargaming, plus MDF bases, Battlescale buildings, I-94 decals, Litko Gaming Aids, Militia Miniatures, Raiden Miniatures 1/285th aircraft, Red Vectors MDF products, Vallejo paints and much, much more!


He's mad! When I spoke to him last year he was complaining he didn't have the energy he used to have (mind you who of do? ;D )