Using 10mm Napoleonics for Sharp Practice

Started by kustenjaeger, 20 February 2024, 11:47:22 AM

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I've got a load of Pendraken Napoleonics (can't think why 🙂) and I am aiming to use them for Grande Armee (1 or the new v2). So close order infantry will be on ~3cm frontage bases of 8 figures in 2 ranks.

It occurred to me that I could use multiple bases for a group of 8 Sharp Practice infantry - at either a 2:1 or 3:1 ratio and play on a 6' x 4' table with the same distances as for 28mm but with more figures (that I have to paint anyway). There might be an issue with single battalion units and different facings eg British but I'd have to live with that.

Obviously I could just use 1:1 and change all the distances to cm (and play on a 3' x 2' or so) but that wouldn't realise the benefits of 10mm. 

Has anyone else tried multi tasking units this way?



It's been discussed on here a bit before

I plan to get going on this this year in both Napoleonics and possibly ACW

I'm going with 1:1 but might swap inches for cm

Using the well tested muiltbase option

1,1,2,2 for skirmish units

And 1,2,2,3 for regular troops
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Just spotted this thread over on the Lead Adventure Forum - possibly you've also seen it - but I'll link it here, in case others find it useful.


Reply #4 in the thread shows two images of 10mm Pendraken miniatures used for Sharp Practice.

[Of note: I'm neither the poster on LAF, nor know them] This is where 'Fred' pops up and say's he's on this forum, too 

edit: I said it! ;D

After a quick forum search...

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Thanks Roy - hadn't had chance to get here earlier today!

I did consider doing multiple 10mm figures to represent 1x 28mm figure, but in the end decided to keep the figure count down. Part of the advantage of doing this is you keep units which look like a long line, with little depth. I do find it odd to see 28mm Napoleonic units where everything is scaled down, apart from the depth. The other big advantage of sticking with the 8 figure sub-unit for SP is less painting, so the project is on the table quicker. 

With less 10mm figures to paint, you can then add more options to your forces. SP units aren't that small you do need a fair few figures for them. 

Ground scale wise, I just went with rules as written - playing in cm just seemed too fiddly. For most nominally 28mm games the ground scale is way off so seems to look better with original ranges and smaller figures.

But if you want to play in a smaller area, then go for cms 
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I've got 1st edition SP. I gave recently thought about 10mm, but shy because I do wonder what 1 figure represents.

If it's meant 1:1 I am a little bit 'antsi', but if 1=5 then less so.
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Sharp Praxtice 2 notes that figure scale can be thought of as anything from 1:1 to 1:5.