Battle of Knocknannus 1647 - Conclusion

Started by pierre the shy, 07 November 2023, 11:03:13 AM

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pierre the shy

The concluding blogpost covering our recent refight can be found here:

Opps  :-[  ;D   Well, it was close for quite a while and I was pleased that the scenario seemed to work well "straight out of the box".
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Thanks for the report, looks like it was a good game!

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Definitely another goody :)

Taaffe had to focus very much on survival trading ground for time while MacColla's Redshanks and other foot did the damage

If a couple of Anglo-Irish flank attacks had managed to score some hits things could have gone very badly for the Confederates

A very interesting scenario with different challenges for each of the commanders
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Well, this what should have happened! Great report and looks to be an interesting and well-balanced scenario.
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