Fight for the Factory - An 18thC HoW AAR

Started by Steve J, 06 November 2023, 11:18:04 AM

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Another good looking game. These are really interesting forces you have assembled! 
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Duke Speedy of Leighton

Top report, great looking game and sounds very cinematic indeed.
Medals and buns all round!
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Steve J

Thanks Will and maybe I'll treat myself to some buns ;)  :D .

Chris Pringle

Thanks for another nice colourful AAR, Steve! I'm enjoying seeing your Indian forces in action.

That said, if I might throw down a small sweaty gauntlet to challenge your artistic talent ... now that you've got Indian armies and an India-suitable fort, how about some more India-specific terrain? Thinking particularly of a browner more sub-continental cloth for the battlefield. (Mind you, I'm mostly going by Google Earth satellite view. What little I've seen of India myself was more concrete- or asphalt-coloured ...)

Steve J

It has been mentioned Chris and I have checked some options out, but want to see them in the flesh so to speak. I take the view (the easy cop out) that in the rainy season it is rather lush, based upon my time in Nigeria during the rains. We tend to think of Turkey being rather parched due to going on holiday when it's hot and dry, but a friend goes in Spring and it's green with plenty of wildflowers etc.

It reminds me of an interactive display at what was @Bristol, that showed how North Africa and the Middle East had dried up over the centuries, but during say Roman times, it was very green. Yemen for example was 'green' and after all excavations have shown settlements (one linked to the Queen of Sheba) in what is now barren desert.

Anyway enough of my excuses!

Techno 3

I'll do this later


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