Battle of Knocknannus 1647 background and refight part 1

Started by pierre the shy, 04 November 2023, 11:27:31 AM

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pierre the shy

After finding a bit of inspiration to update my irregular blog for the first time in many months I just finished writing up some background and the first session of our recent refight of the Battle of Knocknannus which took place about 25 miles north of Cork on 13 November 1647 between Viscount Taaffe's Irish Confederates and Baron Inchiquin's Anglo-Irish Parliamentary army. We used 10mm Pendraken figures and For King and Parliament rules with our additional celtic fringe houserules. You can find the blog using the link below.

I hope you find it a worthwhile read :)
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Steve J

Very nice background fluff there and a fine part 1 of the game too 8) .


Good write-up Pierre. It will be interesting to see what the final outcome is.
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 :-bd  =D>  :-bd

Certainly anyone's game at this stage with lots of interesting challenges for both sides :-\
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