Last games of Close Quarter Battles Campaign

Started by sunjester, 09 October 2023, 09:25:32 AM

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The rest of the family are out for the day and I'm at home looking after the dogs. The sun is shining so what to do....get Last Hussar over for a day of gaming of course. We played through the final two scenarios of this excellent campaign book for Sellswords and Spellslingers. Full write up on the blog

Last Hussar

We achieved a very cinematic win on the finale - as the Blogpost states, there were just 2 cards left. On checking, the first was the minor lord, and the last was the Governor. That was lucky - the Governor card could have been any of the last 4 cards.

It was similarly close on the first scenario - we had only just got the last of the prisoners out when the building collapsed!

Thanks to Sunjester for the company, and the game.
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Great reports chaps, looks like a pair of great games! 8)
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