New VSF Steam Tanks

Started by sunjester, 04 October 2023, 08:11:30 AM

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Last Hussar

The one above, with the big cog, is my favourite.
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Fantastic! Lovely work. I want a full size one.
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Thank you very much for the kind words chaps.


I really like those.

So many HG Well / Land-ship minis lack a bit of character other than tracks and bristling with weapons.
You could certainly argue that early tank designs, whether the Da Vinci or the Marks 1 - 5 bristled with weapons.
But there's a certain look, which really makes teh models look late-victorian.

A sort of hybrid of early rail locomotive, river steamer with elements of tank design.
The tanks pictured in the blog capture it beautifully.
The turret has an inter-war Vickers look.
The hulls are very WW1 French heavies.
The other one is closer to a Fred Dibnah traction engine - but with tracks.

And let's appreciate the rivets, you've got to have rivets.