FWCII - notice of 'work underway' & request for Errata & Suggested Changes.

Started by Big Insect, 21 September 2023, 10:35:37 AM

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With respect to bunkers/buildings, I always liked this house rule suggestion:
When a building is completely covered by a template weapon, it has to make a save on 2d6.

Military Bunkers 2+
Other Concrete Buildings 3+
Brick Buildings 4+
Wooden Buildings 5+

Save Modifiers (Cumulative):
Light Arty attack -0
Hvy Arty Attack -1
Arial or Orbital Attack -1

If the building is detroyed, all units inside make an unmodified save. Success means they remain inside the rubble. Failure means they move adjacent to the rubble and are automatically supressed.

Rubble counts as linear terrain, providing a -1 penalty to hit (even against templates), but no armour save modifier.