Flags for British 2nd Division in Peninsular 1811-12

Started by kustenjaeger, 14 October 2023, 08:32:05 PM

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I am looking around for 10mm Kings and Regimental colours for my Pendraken Peninsular British which I am aiming to build as Hill's 2nd Division in Estremadura from mid 1811 to mid 1812.

The infantry units were:
Howard's Brigade   
   1/50th Foot
   1/71st (Highland) Light Infantry
   1/92nd (Gordon Highland) Foot
   8th coy. 5/60th (Rifles) Foot
Wilson's Brigade   
   1/28th Foot
   2/34th Foot
   2/39th Foot
   4th coy. 5/60th (Rifles) Foot
Ashworth's Brigade (Portuguese) [units originally from Oporto]
   Rto de Infanteria no.6
   Rto de Infanteria no.18 [on PNFL520]
   Batallho de Cacadores no.6 [not sure they carried colours?]
Byng's Brigade
   1st/3rd Foot
   1st/57th Foot
   Provisional bn (2/31st & 2/66th Foot)
   ?coy 5/60th (Rifles) Foot

Any ideas?


John Cook

Quote from: kustenjaeger on 14 October 2023, 08:32:05 PMI am looking around for 10mm Kings and Regimental colours

This site has a comprehensive collection of British colours.  https://mal4955.blogspot.com/p/mals-small-world-guide-to-flags-and.html?m=1&fbclid=IwAR3SOOnhKtJ0FmtC-pgZeVqE1FL92P80wLm7-Av0-8b378FP3ST8_QEYzAk
They suffer from the same error that most do, which is that the central designs are about twice the size they should be. You'll need to scale and print them yourself. 
Portugeuse stuff is here.
You'll need to scale and print them yourself.  No colours for Cacadores or 60th.


Maverick Models would be my second choice

For those I can't source from Pendraken.  B)
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Yes, I would recommend Maverick Models - really good service as well.



Thank for posting those. They look tremendously useful.    =D>