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Started by Orcs, 15 August 2023, 11:31:29 PM

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There is a kick starter out for the second edition of these Rules.

Has anybody played the first edition? I would appreciate thoughts on them.

What actual size are the miniatures. eg are they 15mm and will fit in with essex etc or are they nearer the "new 15mm" that is nearer 18mm?

I already have ottoman and Polish armies of 15mm Essex miniatures.


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I've played a lot of the first edition, I find they give a good game, not in the least because they are usually between unequal forces pointswise. There are then various bonus/handicap effects to even things out. Couple this with the various rules for scenario setup and you get a lot of variation from one game to the next.

I've not looked into the second edition much, but from what I've read it's aim is to streamline the game. Which is most useful if you get to the larger setups.

There is an online army builder ( which lets you see typical formations. Each figure in those schematics represents one figure, usually there are three figures on a base.
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Apparently 2nd edition is a total rewrite of the rules.

I love the minis, painted loads of Ottomans, now sold on.  The new resin horse with the sets look interesting