What to do my extra French 1870 Division as?

Started by Duke Speedy of Leighton, 04 August 2023, 12:00:23 PM

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Which formation should I paint my extra French 1870 Division as?

II Corps, 3rd Division for Spicheren
0 (0%)
VII Corps, 1 st Division for Froeswillerchwiller
2 (25%)
III Corps, 2nd Division for everywhere
5 (62.5%)
Get a life!
1 (12.5%)
Other - please state
0 (0%)

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Voting closed: 18 August 2023, 12:00:23 PM

Duke Speedy of Leighton

04 August 2023, 12:00:23 PM Last Edit: 04 August 2023, 12:08:48 PM by Lord Speedy of Leighton
I've ended up with an 'extra' French 1870 division
I am just about to finish off I Corps, so ...
Due to.l my unique/stupid basing of individual units for 1870, I am pondering which division to paint them as.
Options include:
I could finish II Corps properly and do 3rd Division, but they didn't play any role at Mars-La-Tours or Gravelotte.
VII Corps Ist Division would allow me to do Froeschwiller
2nd Division, III Corps which just got everywhere,
Or somewhere else?
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Lord Kermit of Birkenhead

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Quote2nd Division, III Corps which just got everywhere,
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