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Started by Leman, 05 August 2023, 05:19:29 PM

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Well a goodly while since I've been on the forum, although I'm still gaming and painting. What I've missed most over the last three years is a show to go to. Still don't know whether there will be a Crisis show in Antwerp this year. Apparently there was a show in Arnhem in late June, but alas I was preparing to go on holiday, and had just spent a few bob on trains to and from Switzerland plus my digs. Really weird staring up at snow whilst roasting in 30C+.

So why the thread title? I was reviewing the armies I currently have sitting in their RUBs and realised I had a number stretching from 1848 through to 1871 and and only a relatively small table. However, I also have a copy of Neil Thomas' Wargaming C19th Europe. The logical approach therefore seems to be some fictional games and some bath tubbed historical scenarios. That in itself would be fun, but then I remembered a User name I had come across on Faceache - Helmuth von Bellender. Why not use this character's career in the Prussian army as a way of linking the games together - attached to the Schleswig Holstein army as a cadet, gaining experience of war whilst giving advice to his German colleagues. Later attached to the British army as an observer in the Crimea. He next pops up as an observer with the Austrian army in Italy in 1859. Then comes his big career break - war with Denmark, then against Austria and her allies and the culmination of his active career in France 1870/71.

Initially though I am currently tarting up some scenic items to have a crack at the generic scenario in Neil Thomas' book to get some much needed practice in. Nice to be back and I'll let you know how the initial trial goes.
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Sounds fun. I'm getting Flashman vibes, always accidentally popping up at times of historical significance.

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Welcome back. Is Helmuth a real person, or a Germanic version of Flashman?

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Neither, it's somebody's user name on Facebook.
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Hi there! From the north of the Netherlands, the Tactica show at Hamburg is an option.

The next one will be on the 24th/25th of february 2024.
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