July Newsletter!

Started by Leon, 17 July 2023, 11:25:40 PM

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Welcome to the latest Pendraken newsletter!

We hope you're all enjoying a nice summer!  We've got some new releases for you this month, as well as news on our upcoming Summer Games Day...

Summer Games Day!

We're only one week away from our Big Summer Games Day!  We've got 7 different participation games running throughout the day, each being 30-60 minutes long, so you can try all seven in one day if you like.  If you're in the north-east, make sure to head along and enjoy a day of gaming.  More info can be found on the Facebook event page here.

AWI Additions!

We previewed these earlier in the year and now they're available!  Clibinarium has been working with one of our customers to fill a few gaps in the AWI ranges, so there's some good stuff in this batch, including American cavalry, Butler's Rangers, Queen's Ranger Hussars and some pioneers and camp followers as well.  The latter pair will happily serve in other 18th century games too.

You can find our full American War of Independence ranges over on the website here.

More Battlescale products!

We've got a couple of new Battlescale products for you next, with a pair of 20-piece sets now available in both stone wall and hedgerow options.  These are suitable for both 6mm and 10mm games and each multipack contains:

- 10 x Straight sections
- 6 x Corner sections
- 2 x Gated sections
- 2 x Breached (walls) or T-Sections (hedges)

These are up on the website here, priced at £14.00 per set.

Claymore in Edinburgh!

We're in the middle of our summer break from the show circuit but it won't be long before we're back in the van and heading north of the border to the excellent Claymore show.  This one takes place on Saturday 5th August and we'll need your pre-orders sending through by midnight on Friday 28th July please.

Pre-orders can be placed through the website as normal by choosing the Collect at Show delivery option.

Important Dates

Sat 22nd July - Big Summer Games Day event at Pendraken HQ
Sat 5th Aug - Claymore in Edinburgh (pre-orders before Fri 28th July)
Sun 13th Aug - Blood Red Skies event at Pendraken HQ
Sat 2nd Sept - Border Reiver in Gateshead (pre-orders before Fri 25th Aug)
Sat 9th Sept - Colours in Newbury (pre-orders before Fri 1st Sept)

Next month we're hoping to have the next batch of modern vehicles ready, with FV432s and Chieftains coming for the Brits!
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