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Started by Leon, 16 February 2023, 01:40:24 AM

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Welcome to the latest Pendraken newsletter!

With the show season back in action and lots of projects on the go, it's a busy time at Pendraken HQ!  So without further ado let's get into it...

Pendraken & Litko!

Our big news this month is that we are the new UK stockist for the excellent Litko products!

"LITKO Game Accessories designs and manufactures a huge range of hobby gaming products including tokens, markers, dice towers, measuring devices, gauges, templates, bases, movement trays and more!  These high-quality and uniquely designed products will enhance your gaming experience and let you UPGRADE YOUR GAME!"

We'll have the first of these products available online through our website shortly (www.pendraken.co.uk) and in our physical shop up here in Middlesbrough.  We'll also be taking a selection of the most popular items along to the UK shows too so make sure to come by and have a look.

There's more info on our Forum here and we'll update as soon as we get the stock added to our website!

Painting Competition 2023!

The Pendraken Painting Competition 2023 is open now so make sure to get your entries in!  The closing deadline is midnight on Tuesday 28th February and with over £500 worth of prizes on offer it's definitely worth having a go!

Once the competition has finished we'll open up the voting threads for everyone to decide our winners.

Head over and make your entries here.

Techno's Night Terrors!

Our next release of the year is a really fun one, as Techno's Night Terrors are now available!  These Fantasy chaotic hybrid sculpts are sculpted by Phil Lewis and are an eclectic combination of heads, weapons and limbs to create some truly weird looking creatures!

For anyone unaware of Phil's background, he worked at Games Workshop in the early 1990s, overseeing the photography, painting and sculpting departments at various points.  Some folks may remember his Blood Bowl team that appeared in White Dwarf many moons ago, with these new figures following a similar old-school theme.

So for a bit of 1990's nostalgia, head over and take a look on our website here.

Vallejo Xpress paints!

After a long wait for the stock of these to arrive in the UK we're very pleased to announce that we're now stocking the Vallejo Xpress range of paints!  Similar to the GW Contrast or Army Painter Speedpaints, these are designed to provide a quick method for painting figures.  From the Vallejo website:

"When we need to paint multiple figures in a fast way, Xpress Color is the ideal choice, these matt colors are specifically formulated to paint miniatures in a fast and easy way.

The main characteristics are its excellent capillarity that allows the color to flow easily over the miniature surface, settling on all the reliefs and more intensely in the crevices of the figure, creating a contrast effect with a single layer of paint.

It's recommended to apply Xpress Color on a white or grey primed or painted surface. The color will create light areas on the reliefs, saturated mid-tones and intense shadows in the crevices of the figure."

Our initial stock of these has flown out so we've only got limited colours available on our website here.  We're expecting a restock very soon though so we'll have them all available again in the next couple of weeks.

Panzer I and Panzer II models revamped!

We've been updating some of our older models for a while now and this month it's time for the Panzer I and Panzer II chassis' to get some attention. 

We've got new versions of all the variants, including the Panzerjager, Marder and Wespe.  We've also taken the opportunity to add two new models, with the Panzer II Ausf. C available, along with the Panzer II version of the sIG-33 15cm assault gun (Bison).

More info on these can be found on our Forum here.

New Napoleonic flags!

We've had a few requests for more Napoleonic flags so we've now added sheets for Dutch-Belgian, Brunswick, Nassau and Hanoverian!  These have been designed by Michael Craig from the Battle of Waterloo (https://www.thebattleofwaterloo.com/) and they look great.

Information for some of these nations is quite thin on the ground so there is an element of conjecture involved with some of the designs, which are labelled on each sheet.  There's also the fact that the Dutch-Belgians didn't carry any flags in 1815, so these are actually the flags issued around 1820.  We've had a lot of requests for them though so we thought it best to put something together for the folks who like to have flags on their units.

These are available on our website here.

Wire spears and pikes!

Our new wire spears and pikes have been received extremely well, so much so that we've already had requests for the larger 80mm and 100mm ones to come in a pike tip as well.  Never one to disappoint, we've got that done straightaway and these are now available along with the other sizes/options on our website here.

Important Dates

Sat 4th Mar - Hammerhead at Newark (pre-orders before Fri 25th Feb)
Sat 12th Mar - WMMS at Alumwell (pre-orders before Fri 3rd Mar)
Sat 22nd Apr - Salute in London (pre-orders before Fri 14th Apr)
Sat 29th Apr - Mortem et Gloriam Magna event at Pendraken HQ

Next month we'll have the first batch of Litko stock added to the website and potentially the release of our new Russo-Japanese range!  Make sure to get your pre-orders sent in for the Hammerhead and WMMS shows and we'll see you next month!

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