A Song of Arthur and Merlin - project diary

Started by Corso, 15 December 2023, 01:14:22 PM

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I presume it's these. Nice beastmen types.

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They look a bit too squat and oversized for my needs
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I think we can fill most of those:

Banshee - Undead Wraiths, or Dark Elf Witch Elves, or possibly something from the Undead Necromancer pack?

BlackDog - How big does this need to be?

Big Cat/Cat of palug - Savage Beasts in the Monsters range: https://www.pendraken.co.uk/10mm-12mm-fantasy-monsters

Dog Head Warriors and Champion - Our Egyptian Mythology are dog-headed but obviously wearing Egyptian kit!

Dragon - We can supply the dragons from the Dragonmen range.

Dwarves - Hill Dwarves.

Ghost - In a sheet ghost or writhing wraith type thing?  The Undead Wraiths might work here too.

Giant - In the Monsters range again: https://www.pendraken.co.uk/10mm-12mm-fantasy-monsters

Giant boar - We've got Boars in the Woolly Beasts: https://www.pendraken.co.uk/10mm-12mm-fantasy-monsters

Giant Wolf - We've got a few wolves, there's the smaller ones in the Goblin range, the medium ones in the Dire Wolves: https://www.pendraken.co.uk/fantasy-eldritch-vampires-dire-wolves-fan-vam7 and then some massive ones that we've never done anything with.

Giant Stag - No giant ones unfortunately, just the regular one in the Deer/Stag pack in our Animals.

Hobgoblins - There's some of these in the Old ranges, depending on how you want them to look: https://www.pendraken.co.uk/10mm-12mm-fantasy-old

Serpent - Coiled snake or sea hydra type?  Coiled snakes are in the Dungeon section, or there's the ones breaking ground in the Monsters section again.

Otherworld Warriors and Champion - What kind of style are you looking for here?

Tormented soul - Wretched ghoul or an author with writers block?!  Wraiths would be my go-to again here.
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2024 Painting Competition - Runner-Up!