September Newsletter!

Started by Leon, 20 September 2022, 11:11:35 PM

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Welcome to the latest Pendraken newsletter!

As the shows restart after summer we've got loads of new releases for your autumn project!  Read on for the latest news...

Spray Primers in stock!

We'll start with the big news first! We're very excited to announce that we're now stocking the full Colour Forge range of spray primers here.

Colour Forge believe a smooth, high quality primer is the cornerstone to any hobby project.  Boasting a smooth finish, great coverage and all wrapped up in an impressive 500ml can!

But the most important news here is that we're now able to ship these within the UK, along with our own spray varnishes!  We've added a UK Aerosol option to the website Checkout so you can now add these to your Basket as normal and pay a flat rate shipping of £7.95.

New AWI Releases!

Moving on to some 10mm releases and first off we've got some excellent additions to our American War of Independence ranges, with emphasis on the French.

We've got some Lee's Legion and mounted militia for the Americans, skirmishing Queens Rangers and British Legion infantry for the Brits.  And then for the French we've got Chasseurs, mounted officers, artillery pieces, Lauzun's Legion and the Duc de Lauzun himself!

Head over here for more info and pictures.

Beestmen released!

Continuing the new releases, we're really pleased to get our old Beestmen ranges revamped and back onto the website.  Techno has created an extra 4 poses per pack, including new weapons and a few new heads as well, so we've now got sheep, rat and eagle heads in amongst this lot.

"The Beestmen are a nomadic race with loyalty only to themselves.  They can be bought with treasure or lands and will fight ferociously for their latest employer until the money runs out...  As such, they can be incorporated into most other armies as paid mercenaries."

Head over and have a look at these here.

Tufts and Strips available!

We've had these in the shop/website for a while now but we've not announced them properly!  We're now stocking the Javis Tuft and Strip packs to add some extra detailing to all of your bases.  The Tuft packs contain a minimum of 48 pieces and the Strips have 4 per pack, each measuring around 120mm in length.  These can all be found on the website here.

Pendraken Rules Stockists

To make it easier to get your hands on our rulesets, our non-UK customers  can now buy physical copies of Blitzkrieg Commander, Cold War Commander, Warband and Libertad! from Karwansaray.  This should be a little cheaper for customers in Europe especially.  You can find all of our rules in their 'Other Publishers' section here.

And for our customers in the States, Dark Horse Hobbies are stocking the rulesets along with an ever-growing selection of our miniature ranges too.  So head over to their website here and have a browse through the selection.

Upcoming Shows!

With the UK shows back in full swing we've got 3 events in October.  First up will be the excellent Partizan event in Newark, followed by our return to SELWG in London and nearly a decade away.  And finally we'll be attending Fiasco in Leeds at the end of the month.  All of the dates can be found below.

Important Dates

Sun 9th October - Other Partizan in Newark (pre-orders by Fri 30th Sept)
Sun 16th October - SELWG in London (pre-orders by Fri 7th Oct)
Sun 30th October - Fiasco in Leeds (pre-orders by Fri 21st Oct)
Sat 12th/Sun 13th November - Warfare in Farnborough (pre-orders by Fri 4th Nov)
Sat 26th November - Battleground in Stockton (pre-orders by Fri 18th Nov)

That's everything for now, next month will see the release of our Napoleonic Peninsular buildings along with some new M3 halftracks for the Arab-Israeli ranges! - Now home to over 7000 products, including 4500 items for 10mm wargaming, plus MDF bases, Battlescale buildings, I-94 decals, Litko Gaming Aids, Militia Miniatures, Raiden Miniatures 1/285th aircraft, Red Vectors MDF products, Vallejo paints and much, much more!