Mars-la-Tour always produces a good game

Started by Chris Pringle, 05 August 2022, 11:37:41 PM

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Chris Pringle

I have fought this classic Franco-Prussian War battle multiple times and it never palls. The situation virtually guarantees plenty of action and excitement: outnumbered but aggressive Germans march on to intercept a ponderous French army's attempted retreat/breakout. Both sides are trying to manoeuvre and there is action all over the pitch. Our latest outing was no exception, in fact probably the best one yet. AAR here:

Which are your favourite battles that produce similar guaranteed excitement time after time?

John Cook

Shiloh. The Confederate Army of Mississippi has to defeat the Union Army of The Tennessee on the first day, before the arrival of the Army of the Ohio.  It can be done but it is always nip and tuck.   

Lord Speedy of Leighton

Great report, would love to fight this out properly. Can field all the Prussians and nearly all the French.

My vote goes for Saint Privat, against the clock, can the Prussians get it together before nightfall or the Saxons steal theor glory? Can the French get reinforcements or hold?
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Ages ago at a BBB Bash I played in a Mars le Tour game in the morning and a Gravelotte-St.Privat game in the afternoon. That was a great experience.


Chris Pringle

@John: Shiloh has the nip-and-tuck factor and I've enjoyed fighting it, but it's basically a straight line-out punch-up with little room for manoeuvre. In my book that means it loses out to battles like MLT where there's a bit more choice about what to do.

@Lord Speedy: similar story with Gravelotte-St.-Privat, n'est-ce pas? The French don't move much, just hunker down and shoot. Still makes a good game but not as good as MLT.

@Edward: glad that Crispin's MLT and Gravelotte games at Bash Day live on so vividly in your memory!