HQs controlling off table artillery and air support

Started by Superscribe, 22 July 2022, 07:25:00 AM

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Under their special rules, British and Bundeswehr HQs are able to request off-table artillery or air support using the command value of the FAO or FAC. Similarly, Soviets can allocate up to 3 off table artillery units to each HQ and use command value of the HQ when making requests.

Whenever an FAO or FAC requests artillery/air support they must have LOS to the target (or use recce).  When an HQ makes such a request must they be able to see the target themselves or can they use a friendly unit within 20cm, similar to the method used by infantry guns and mortars on p49 (or use recce).

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Hi Chris

When requesting off-table artillery an HQ unit is in effect considered to behave as if it was an FAO/FAC.
So same restrictions apply to the HQ as if it was an CMD:FO.

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