A little battle report, from France, with love !

Started by Hadrien, 25 June 2022, 10:02:02 AM

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25 June 2022, 10:02:02 AM Last Edit: 25 June 2022, 10:08:12 AM by Hadrien
Hi from France !

The arriving of CWC 2 was the occasion for our group to take out the minis that were in storage since a while...  We had a basic 3000 pts game, West-Germany vs USSR, nothing too fancy. The year is 1989.
Here was the battlefield, some of you from the old forum will probably recognize this table :

The soviet main force of T-80 quickly took position in the woods and destroyed the tennis court for the symbol of the bourgeoisie that it is.

Meanwhile the German Leopards 2 took position in the fields, under the eye of a jaguar with HOT missiles positioned on the railroad.

A pair of Hind started to roam the battlefield, but one of them was promptly destroyed by a mistral missile.

Tanks were exchanging salvos after salvos in the middle of the field, and in order to add pressure on the germans the soviets dropped an airborne group with AT-5 ATGW between the two woods.

This AT-5 was the key factor for the soviet in order to shift the balance in their favor, it destroyed two leopards on very lucky rolls. Sadly, german mortars positioned in the airfield took out the ATGW team...
As Leopards were turning one by one into wrecks, the soviet infantry riding in BTR and a shilka made a rush to the airport in order to silence those mortars.

With most of its leopards destroyed, and the airport occupied, the German commander called it a night, and the game ended with a soviet victory.

Well that's it, nothing too fancy as I said, but very entertaining. We tried some of the main change of the new version (Helos staying on table, ATGW rules), some things are still a little confusing after reading the book, but that will be for the question section of the forum.

Steve J

Welcome on board and what a great first post :) . A really lovely looking table and minis there and am certainly looking forward to more AAR's and photos of your games 8) .

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Thats a nice looking table.

Love he wood- are they home made or purchased?
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Good looking table - are you playing using hexes, or does the terrain just happen to be made that way. 
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QuoteLove he wood- are they home made or purchased?

Home made, I saw a tuto about this method a while ago, but can't remember where...

Quoteare you playing using hexes

No we are not using hexes to play, it is just a way to make different set up at will and to transport it around.

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Big Insect

Great report - thank you for sharing.

I'll look forward to your questions.

Do keep us informed as you continue your games.

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Welcome to the Forum and thanks for the report!
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