Irresponsible rule for Victorian army

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   An extra rule for colonial games

             The Real Empire-Builders
The British force may be accompanied by the following three adventuresses on a single element:
Lady Priscilla ffothering-Phillips
The personal companion of Sir Percy McHogg, Lady Priscilla is a resourceful and commanding woman whose presence on the battlefield reminds the men of what it means to be British. In the event that a British unit is in danger of recoiling or breaking, it may roll a 4-6 SR to stand firm if within 6" of Her Ladyship. A fluent speaker of Bengali, she may exercise the same steadying effect on speakers of that language.
Pamela, Duchess of Hay
A talented amateur markswoman who taught Annie Oakley to shoot, Her Grace is celebrated for motivating friendly troops to use their smallarms to better effect. If in contact with one unit (only) during shooting, she makes it possible for them to reroll the first missed rifle or carbine shot of the game.
The Honourable Jennifer Ferguson
Lady's maid to the Duchess, Mrs Ferguson has a solid streak of Caledonian practical sense in her constitution. She always carries a resupply of Martini-Henry rifle ammunition onto the field, and may provide the bullets to a friendly unit within 2" that runs out of ammunition.

All three ladies are skilled horsewomen who move at cavalry speed. They are captured if a hostile unit ever contacts them as if for melee, in which case the army must test for morale, this being in addition to any other morale testing; they will count as a lost unit. They undergo the same risk from shooting as any command element.
I have not the pleasure of understanding you. Of what are you talking?

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Lord Kermit of Birkenhead
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I have not the pleasure of understanding you. Of what are you talking?