Ammunition use/turns of fire/logistics

Started by JJ252, 11 June 2022, 11:42:00 AM

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QuoteAre the no rules to account for ammunition usage during course of a game?
As a battalion or regimental commander logistics should be a key consideration as to your units current fighting potential.

If a formation can fire away with no regard for ammunition usage is a tadge unrealistic

For example most Russian tanks carry about 40 rounds, split between AT rounds and HE. Most NATO tanks carry around 60 rounds. So all things being equal a Russian unit will run out of ammunition before NATO

A simple way to introduce this would be to assign a maximum number of game turns which a formation may fire.

Possibly - this page in the old forum -CWC Ammunition Limits suggests a similar fix for a specific scenario - Golan Heights '73 (which many people again didn't think required a fix but the author obviously did).

Also remember that the time isn't 1 turn = 30 mins, its represents a variable time 'up to' 30 mins so depending on your scenario it may be an unlikely concern in a normal game.