Flags and Standards for Indian Mutiny range

Started by alanl, 12 May 2022, 09:34:57 PM

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Any possibility of these?  I did come across ones for 15mm but have been told by the vendor that they are more like 18mm and would be too large for 10mm.  They are unable to be done for 10mm.


I would recommend Maverick Flags - I've had great service in the past and he has always been happy to resize the flags to suit.   I've just had a look on the site and he does have a number of Indian flags for the Mutiny.



We've got those on the to-do list at some point but no timescales at the moment I'm afraid.
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Thanks for the pointer to Maverick Models.  However, I don't see any suitable for HEIC and British infantry regiments.