Bill Braham Memorial Essay Writing Competition

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Bill Braham Memorial Essay Writing Competition

The annual Bill Braham Memorial Essay Writing Competition is run by the Pike and Shot Society (P&SS) in conjunction with Helion and Company, the prominent military history publishing company and sponsors of the competition.

The Pike and Shot Society is an international organisation promoting the study of the military history of the Renaissance and Early Modern world.  For The Pike and Shot Society this period covers the years between 1400 and 1721, a time-span that covers approximately from the introduction of early firearms to the abandonment of the pike as a front-line battlefield weapon - the time of pike and shot.  The society is run entirely by, and for the benefit of, its members.

The society's coverage includes the Wars of the Roses, the Italian Wars, the Wars of Religion, the Thirty Years War, the English Civil War and the War of the Spanish Succession. Outside Europe the Spanish conquest of the Americas, the Samurai of Japan and the armies of the Persians and Moghul Indians all come within the Society's ambit, as do naval clashes such as the Spanish Armada, the Anglo-Dutch Wars and the Mediterranean conflicts between the Christians and the Ottomans.

As sponsors, Helion and Company will be providing a first prize of £100.00 worth of Helion Publications and the P&SS will provide a one year subscription to the Society.  Second prize will be a one year subscription to the P&SS.

Competition Rules

1.   All essays should be on a military topic within the defined boundaries of the Society's research period, which is 1400 to 1721.
2.   Any essays outside this period will be rejected.
3.   The closing date for the essay will be 31 December 2022 and any entries received after this date will be entered into the next year's competition.
4.   The result will be announced on 1 April 2023.
5.   The essay must be written and submitted on Microsoft Word.
6.   The essay must be written in English.
7.   All essays must be between 2500 and 3000 words long excluding references, bibliography, footnotes and notes.  A word count must be provided with each entry, and all pages should be numbered.
8.   Any essay longer than 3000 words will be rejected for the competition.
9.   Where a quotation is used, or author referenced, it should be marked in the text by a superscript number and these can either be referenced in end page notes or a full set of notes at the end of the essay.  Notes are excluded from the word count.
10.   A list of all reference sources (book, article or online) must be provided at the end of the essay.
11.   Any evidence of plagiarism will result in the essay being disqualified from the competition.
12.   The decision of the judges will be final.
13.   The Judges will not be allowed to submit any essay.
14.   On submitting the essay, the writer automatically gives permission to the Pike and Shot Society to publish the essay in the Society's magazine (first publication rights only).
15.   On submitting the essay the writer automatically gives permission for their contact details to be passed to Helion and Company.

In judging the competition weight will be given to primary research and originality, but other judging criteria will include a structured approach, good grammar and syntax, as well as fluency and the ability to engage the reader.

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