New French AWI figures May 2022

Started by clibinarium, 02 May 2022, 01:28:03 PM

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Hi All,

Some pics of newly sculpted figures to augment the AWI French forces. Thanks goes to the generous Pendraken customer who sponsored the sculpting of these figures, without whose support I would not have been able to work on these. I see a few loose bits in these pictures that I need to tidy up, but essentially they are done.

French artillery crew.

French Chasseurs skirmishing

Lauzan's Legion Hussars

Lauzan's Legion Command, plus Duc de Lauzan

Not sure if the officer of Lauzan's hussars should wear a colpack as well as the Duc himself. Haven't really found a straight answer on this. They don't seem to have carried a standard in the field though.


Wow !   Lauzan's Legion looks particularly tasty - expressive faces and very dynamic poses.



Very nice.

Not my period, but very nice indeed.
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Steve J

Superb work Clib, with the Hussars looking very splendid indeed.

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Those are fantastic!

Not got to AWI yet. Yet...
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:-bd  =D>  :-bd  =D>  :-bd  =D>  :-bd

I do not need to replace my Lauzan's hussars
I do not need to replace my Lauzan's hussars
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Words fail me! Truly these are a work of art .. but do I really need them?? Probably not, but .....




The only question is which lead pile to keep them in until my paint schedule clears.  Mine or Pendrakens?   :-\

John Cook

AWI is certainly promising, based on these figures alone.  So is the LOA.  Can you just leave me alone please?