And The Winners Are...!

Started by Leon, 08 March 2022, 06:31:33 PM

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Lord Kermit of Birkenhead

Lord Kermit of Birkenhead
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Congratulations to all the winners.  There was some really lovely stuff in there this time around; whilst not my period, I was particularly taken by the Islamic Army and some of the supporting units taken from it.
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Deeply humbled by the results, didn't expect to have much success with all of the brilliant entries. Some of the ones that I felt were absolute gems (but by no means all of them): Vincenzo21's SCW Blue Arrows, Mollinary's Bavarians, Martin1914's WWI British, paulr's 100YW Scots, Shrimproll9's SYW Bavarians, Forez42's M10 and Maraviglia's 1939 armies.

Also want to thank Leon, et, al. for putting on this wonderful competition. I don't really participate in painting events but my love for Pendraken and all things 10mm compels me. 10mm is my passion and Pendraken is the gold standard form the scale.
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Sean Clark

Well done all round. Once again I missed out on taking part. Next year maybe! And well done to Pendrqken for running the competition and stumping up great prizes!
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Congrats to all! All entries were to an incredibly high standard this year!

(This is why I dont paint my own miniatures!)
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Congratulations to the winners - loads of fantastic entries.

A special well done to Streetgang for 3 wins, very impressive.

Very generous of Leon to put up the prizes, and especially to give an extra prize where there was a draw for first place.
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Ben Waterhouse

Congratulations to both the winners and all who entered. All stunning pictures.
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Is Streetgang hiding his light under a bushel? All those wins and a runner up position and no medals in sight!  Such work needs celebrating.


Or is it that there isn't enough room to celebrate all his achievements? 😁😁
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