Hospitaler Castle - Kos

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The castle has an interesting history, changing from a traditional castle to a cannon platform during construction.

A large gunpowder explosion wrecked the middle in 1816, and the area has a wildlife meadow look to it.


And a view from the outside, this is where the cannon would be pointed.


Thats fantastically realistic for 10mm.


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Yep, I'd love to be there too!

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QuoteLooks well worth a visit ;)
Kos has a lot to see in a very compact area.

A range of "Overlords": from Minoans to British prior to joining Greece.

Few remains from the Minoans to the Persians. Plenty to see from the ages of Athens, Ptolemies, Rome/Byzantium, Hospitallers, Ottomans, Italy.

Then there's the climate and food..
Plenty to recommend it once travel gets moving again.

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