New Fantasy Monsters!

Started by Leon, 15 January 2022, 11:07:05 AM

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15 January 2022, 11:07:05 AM Last Edit: 15 January 2022, 11:13:07 AM by Leon

Day 2 of our releases sees some gribbly Fantasy additions, with some Giant Snakes and Tentacled Behemoths now available.  Some will recognise these from our old ranges but Techno has added some conversions to give us more variety in each pack.  The Snakes stand around 20mm high and the Behemoths are a similar 20mm long.

Monsters -
FAN-MON34   Giant snakes (x6)   £3.00
FAN-MON35   Tentacled Behemoths (x6)   £3.50

Day 3 takes us back to our historical ranges... - Now home to almost 6000 products, including over 4200 products in 10mm, plus MDF bases, Vallejo paints, I-94 decals, Red Vectors MDF buildings, Raiden Miniatures, Militia Miniatures and much, much more!

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Doing ok so far. Two days in and nothing has tempted me......Yet  :)
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Hmmm? reverting to the BUA/vignette theme:  As a fan of Geoffrey of Monmouth, I'm thinking camp area for Vortigerns Post Roman army with one red and one white "worm" and a  waving wizard figure next to a general looking at a pond with building stones in it. 


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