The journey begins

Started by P.W.Gamer, 28 February 2023, 03:05:40 PM

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This shall be the start of my painting diary. The inspiration for this project come from this contemporary renditio of the "Battle of Maldon"

I do not seek to recreate the historical Battle of Maldon, but want to end up with a force of fierce Viking  Raiders and staunch Saxon defenders to play some scenarios using Warmaster Rules. This is my first real forey into 10mm, so bear with me as I explore new lands.

I got AS3 and NO5 and so I am currently

- cleaning the models
- glueing them on coffee stirrers


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Steve J

Looking forward to seeing this project progress :) .


:-bd looking forward to seeing this progress 


Cheers, so here is my - humble - progress so far. All Saxons have been cleanead, glued to coffee stirrers and atached to handles. Ready for priming.