Which German infantry figures for the Russian Front?

Started by alanl, 21 December 2021, 11:09:12 AM

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I am working out an order to complete forces for the Russian Front.  Many years ago, I purchased a German Army pack so I am not sure what the infantry figures are. The vehicles contained in the pack were really for the mid-late war which I think was the Pendraken range way back then. However, I am intending to now augment these with vehicles for 1941-3 so I can also game actions in Barbarossa.

On the website, I see there are infantry figures for "Early War", "Riflemen", "Mid-War Panzer Grenadiers" and "Late-War tunic".  I am only getting into WWII, so am really not au fait with the permutations of the uniforms over the years and, indeed, my meagre painting skills will hardly do the figures justice! Perhaps "Early War" are intended for the battles in Poland, Low Countries and France?

I don't want to spend a lot of money on having to buy infantry figures for each period and would appreciate suggestions. I will probably buy Fallschirmjaeger figures for those particular units.   In particular, when did the infantry switch over from the plain uniforms to camouflaged and was the camouflaged uniform used more predominantly by some types of unit than others?

Any tips will be much appreciated.

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Mid war is probably best. That said I use the same figures for any period for the Germans except Falschrim Jager.

What you could do is use the late war stuff for SS, and mid war for Heer.
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Thank you: sounds good. For Heer, did you keep with plain uniforms?

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In 10mm and 20mm yes, my 6mm are in cammo - must be insane  :D
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My mid-war Eastern Front Germans are in field grey, except for the engineers who are in cammo, and that's only so I can tell the engineer stands from Heer landsers.

I use all sorts of figures, including some DAK.

None of my opponents has ever expressed a problem with my choices!

My force is based on a Heer Panzer Division, so no fallschirmjager or SS to differentiate.

Tanks and other equipment is largely in dark yellow/ red brown/ green camouflage.
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For WWII Germans I mainly go with field grey for everyone. Then the figures can be used for early war, mid war or late war. 

I do a few camouflaged helmet covers, and a few figures have Panzerfausts or other late war only weapons  - but generally no one notices if they get used in early war. 

The army (Heer) didn't switch to camouflage uniforms - they did use more camouflaged kit as the war went on, mainly helmet covers and shelter halves. 

Camouflage was very common on SS units throughout the war. 

Regarding the special types of figures - they are more available so if you want to build a specific type of unit you can - but most of us will build a generic core that gives general service. And in 10mm its often only the owner who knows!

I have early war French who are mainly in great coats, I also have some Dragoons in short jackets - but in practical terms they are all infantry in brown uniforms  with green helmets!
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For 1941, Heer 'should' be early war... tunics, no camo smocks. SS might have smocks... not sure.
No Panzerfausts / Schreks for 41 / 42... I assume they would be on separate bases, so just omit.

Early can be used right the way through. Mid... from 43 on... but if you want to use as generic 'Germans'... why not? 10mm is very 'forgiving'... only 'close up' pics show differences, anyway.
Late made increasing use of assault rifles.

Differences in 'period' mainly boot type, smocks, Weaponry and uniform / camo colours... for 'detailists'! Important thing is to get figs on table... something that I am sadly remiss in doing! Leadpiles build up! lol!
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Very many thanks for all those most helpful replies.


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