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Started by DecemDave, 01 December 2021, 08:54:45 AM

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OK now I'm struggling.  I am of an age that means I still have 1/72 or original 25mm armies (plus plastic and lead pile).  I got the 10mm bug a few years ago from seeing Kallistra (I know its 12) and Pendraken armies in action and I have big ECW, HYW/WOTR and napoleonics armies a mix of my work and ebay, most of the latter needing further attention. And another 10mm project pile beyond that (Peninsular, Dux Bellorum,  Barons War) and stretching into 2023 easily.

Then I go to Warfare.  There are the awesome looking "real" battle 2mm figures ;  the 5/6mm MDF napoleonics which looked great and now the uber-marketing of the 13.5mm Epic Napoleonics which I am trying to convince myself would a. just overlap what I have/have on order from Leon and b. be too big for my table with 80 figure battalions with a 200mm unit frontage (180 for cavalry).  But God they look good dont they. 

What should I do? 
Give in to my addiction and buy ever more stuff that I will never find time to paint? 
Keep trying to use logic and common sense to overcome my instincts?
Buy em all and take out an equity release loan to hire a painter?
Never go out again?
Book into a clinic?

 :'(  :'(  :'(



Here's what I do (after decades of ill considered impulse buying).

1. Set aside a budget (Could be quarterly or annual), and attempt to work within it.
2. Avoid the impulse to chase the shiny new releases that they're all talking about. To do so risks permanently chasing your tail.
3. Try to think in terms of a particular offering working within parameters of
    a) Budget (see 1 above).
    b) Available play area.
    c) The holy trinity of rules, armies and opponents.

Let me explain the latter.
I assume you're wanting to play games with the armies.
You'll need rules, a playing surface, willing opponent(s) and armies compatible with the rules and playing surface.

Figure out some preferred armies from the rules.
Decide whether they will fit on your playing surface (if you have a 4 x 3 foot table and the rules require 12 x 8 feet, these are not the rules for you).
Though adopting smaller figures and scaling you rule measurements may fix this.

Discuss level of interest with your opponent(s).
If interested, pick your army, but the figures and bases and get painting.
Enjoy your games.


Steve's advice seems pretty solid.

If I'm really interested in a new period or project I'll generally plan out what I need and what I want to get started, do a little bit of the research, then shelve it for a month or two. If I'm still just as keen after that then use my budget to invest in some pieces, or tag on a sample pack or two to an order for other bits.

That way as well if I'm in the mood for moving onto something new but not sure what, I can look over my document of project ideas and see if any of them tickle my fancy now. And if it comes down to a couple, just roll a dice!


I have figures in 1/3000, 1/2400, 1/1200, 2mm, 3mm or 1/600, 6mm, 10mm, 15mm, 20mm, 25mm, 28-32mm and 54mm scales.

I have enough lead, resin and plastic to keep me busy painting and basing for decades (that I probably don't have).

But I am happy to keep buying items for projects current and future.

My expenditure on new stuff is not going to break the bank and my other needs are fairly modest. No car, no foreign holidays (unless you count trips south of the border, to Stockton!)

If I can't find a willing opponent I'll play solo.

If the rules expect me to use a table three time bigger than I have, then as suggested, I'll use figures a third of the size they expect and adjust distances accordingly.

Experience has shown the wisdom of acquiring at least two opposing armies.

I am finding that planning and acquiring stuff for projects I may never actually start, let alone complete, is a great joy to me.

Excess, in moderation, shall be my watchword! :)
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I decided at the beginning of last year that my main focus was to get projects to  a point where they were complete.

To that end I have completed the armies below. They have enough figures and equipment for any battle I am likely to play in the rule sets I use.
10mm WW2 Belgian
10mm WW2 Early war German
10mm WW2 Polish
10mm 8th Army
10mm Western Desert Italians
10mm Afrika Korps

20mm Early war German
20mm Early war British
20mm Commandos
20mm NW Europe British

As I finish a project I choose the next one that is nearest completion then try to concentrate on it to complete it. 

I do  take some time out to paint something different every so often  to keep some variety in the painting. So Currently I have been doing 20mm Late war Germans , but have a dozen or so hobbits to paint when I finish the current German squad.

I am currently trying to keep all purchases down to those I need to finish projects, and until the last week or so have managed to do so.

The trouble is The club have just decided to start to play Oathmark  Despite having several hundred Orcs/Goblins, my Hobbits need the units expanded in size a bit to fit the rules.  This involves painting about 30 figures so not too arduous or time consuming.

All would be well if that dastardly Sunjester  had not pointed out the lovely new Dwarves by Conquerer Miniatures designed by Colin Patten............

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QuoteThen I go to Warfare.  There are the awesome looking "real" battle 2mm figures . . .
Ahh, yes. I saw the 2mm Pegasus Bridge table on the Youtube video posted.

Looked very good, but individually-mounted 2mm 'figures'* is the way to madness. I'm sort-of struggling with 10mm individuals.

* i use 'figures' advisedly. At that scale they may as well be grains of rice.
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Thanks all for the advice.  I am by nature closer to Ithoriel (what no - 40mm?) than the entirely sensible Steve.   I like the mmcv "enthusiasm pause", that would work on me.  I have convinced myself against Warlord epic naps partly because of the existing overlap but also the WI freebies show there is excess plastic to clean up/clever paint over. Also there are some obvious range gaps which could tie you in to Warlord for years to come. Unless some of the really old true 15mm ranges still exist. Even Peter Pig are relatively too bulky.  Its clear from T'internet that ACW gamers use Kallistra to fill gaps there and they don't do naps (yet).

So from now on, I am strictly with Orcs and my New Year Resolution will be to finish what I have already started. 10mm or 1/72 only from now on.  No more new starts. No more new scales.  No exceptions...

Although it would be a shame not to see how those 2mm turn out. haven't dabbled there since the "hair-roller army" days. And isnt there a "grain of rice" section in the painting competition?...

Oh b....r.  Where is that pause button.