Vickers medium Mk II

Started by Sunray, 16 November 2021, 12:40:08 PM

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Thanks Ian. When the model arrives from Leon, I will pitch it against a few 1920/30s era contemporary tanks like the Renault Ft17.

The AT rifle was around since WW1 and field guns were used over open sights against tanks, so 8mm armour was the weak point.

Still, it is a tank of its time. Sometimes we gamers are too present minded with what we now know.


Considering the Vickers Medium was a 1923 design, still in service in 1941 (albeit briefly), shows it couldn't have been that bad. There's many more AFVs that had much less shelf life.


Indeed. The main players had been exhausted by WW1. Europe was at peace at one level, but festering discontent beneath the surface. No defence budgets had time for armour. GB had only a few colonial police actions, and the forward thinkers like BH Liddell Hart and Percy Hobart were "voices in the wilderness".

It took a war to stimulate tank design and evolution.

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OP, did you ever play using the tanks?