Panzer 35t and Panzer 38t in 10mm

Started by sultanbev, 29 December 2021, 10:16:24 AM

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I've just noticed that all the manufacturers of the Panzer 35t in 10mm, metal or 3D print) don't make the Panzer 38t, and those that make the Panzer 38t don't make the Panzer 35t!

That's weird. Why is that?

I'm trying to make a Peruvian LTP (which is basically a Panzer 38t with the earlier gun of the Pz.35t) so had thought about just putting Panzer 35t turrets on Panzer 38t hulls. (The cupola is on the wrong side so knife work also involved if I could be bothered) But then came across the problem that no one company supplies both tanks. I wouldn't trust the idea of using differing manufacturers.....


I think its because in wargames terms both vehicles are almost identical performance wise. The only a third as many panzer 35ts were produced compared to 38t. hence the tendancy to just produce the 38t by most manfacturers 
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