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Started by jblittlefield, 24 April 2017, 11:19:33 PM

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Has anyone deconstructed how points values are figured for those that are interested in statting up their own forces for local play or for using existing figures/armies?

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Hello and welcome.
There is a formula, but I've yet to crack it!
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Quote from: mad lemmey on 24 April 2017, 11:21:09 PM
Hello and welcome.
There is a formula, but I've yet to crack it!

Me neither ... but I'm working on it!


Welcome from me, too, JB.

Cheers - Phil

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Can't be ar*ed to use points values so I'm no help.

Wotcha by the way.

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Bouncing this thread in the hope of getting an answer to one question about points - do they vary per army i.e. does a unit with the same stats always have the same point value or have they been tweaked depending on the other units/magic in the army list?

Just want to know if I mix and match units from different lists how far off the points might be?


The unit points are calculated to a formula, and are based on probabilities and observations from extensive playtesting.

"...does a unit with the same stats always have the same point value..."

Yes.  the intention of the points are to ensure that units and armies are cunstructed in a balanced way for standard 500pt games.  The intention is that any army should be able to face any other army with a decent change of success.  Skill and a little luck should be the determining factors of your games, not an inherently strong unit.

At least, that was the intention.   ;)
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I tried finding contact information for Stephen Hardy but couldn't locate it. Maybe he'd be willing to share his formula?

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I've had a good hard look at it previously and cannot deduce how (or if) a points formula works in Warband.
It all looks a bit random - the Spells in particular see to defy all logic ... if you can apply logic to spells  :o 
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