1471 Wars of the roses - fictitious

Started by Norm, 15 September 2021, 04:53:37 PM

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Another wars of the Roses encounter from the fictitious Hamlet of Piggy Longton 1471.

Yorkist forces are raiding the hamlet, intent on disrupting the recruitment activities of the local Bishop.

An AAR is on the blog, LINK if interested.


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 :-bd =D> :-bd

Great to see "the project has passed it's first critical goal of getting enough bases done for a decent game"
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Steve J

Great AAR and lovely looking game Norm. As mentioned, I must give S&S another go and in fact dug out my copy this evening :D.

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Excellent, Norm. :-bd

I especially like the Bishop !!

Cheers - Phil  :)
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Thanks all, it is a fun collection that has character.