Union Fire and Fury forces for a friend.

Started by Lord Speedy of Leighton, 01 August 2021, 12:21:09 AM

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Lord Speedy of Leighton

01 August 2021, 12:21:09 AM Last Edit: 01 August 2021, 12:23:54 AM by Lord Speedy of Leighton
Lee asked me to get these done by the end of July, so I started them last Thursday, and they were posted on Tuesday.

Infantry- Doubleday's Division 1st Corps

Top view

I had enough figures left over for an extra unit.

As they advance

Buford's cavalry division, with enough spare figures to build an extra brigade.

An impressive sight.

Heavy horse flesh


On their way


Really love these

Certainly adds to the firepower, but not at very long range.

Advancing to glory

Exceptional brigade commander stands

Divisional commanders, Buford to the front

Buford is my favourite ACW general btw.

Is it good ground?

1st Corps Command Reynolds (killed at Gettysberg)

Standard was fun, just wish the photos had come out clearer.


Not quite a grand battery.


Waiting for something...

That something
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Very zippy, indeed ! :-bd

Nice one, Will !!

Cheers - Phil. :)

Steve J

Blimey Will, that's amazing how quickly you turned them around and kept the quality at the same time!

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