Dambusters Raid

Started by Heedless Horseman, 25 July 2021, 07:29:50 PM

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Heedless Horseman

Have just watched recorded 3 part TV doc with Dan Snow. Pretty good... brought home the difficulties... and the losses.  :(

A point raised was that RAF failed to exploit on the damage inflicted. At least 1 dam was repaired within months. Had heard, but had not thought about it much.
Rather obviously, a 'repeat' 'Bouncing Bomb' attack would have been impossible. Don't know, but would imagine increased Flak, torpedo nets, smoke generators and maybe Balloons may have been set up? Any knowledge?

But, might have some high alt bombing of repair work have made a significant difference? Even as a 'nuisance' detachment from a 'main' raid? Would probably have killed a lot of 'slave  labour'... but doubt that would have been much of an issue.  :( A pic of the scaffolding erected for repair work indicates that it might have been very easily damaged by normal bombing blast.
Was this a Real Opportunity lost?

Anyway... all credit to the 'Dambuster' Crews. Really, rather incredible, when you think.
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Lord Kermit of Birkenhead

Didn't see the doc, but the raid was great propoganda. The major problem was that two dams that need to be broken were the Monna(Sic) and Sorper, so there was little economic effect. The other problem was Harris who was wedded to area attacks, despite 617 demonstrating that pinpoint accuracy was possible. That is not to denigrate the courage of the Bomber Command crews in all the squdrons.
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Jemima Fawr

One unexpected effect was that the British Anti-Aircraft Command immediately realised that our own dams were vulnerable to such an attack, so invested in defences such as 'aerial booms' - cables strung across reservoirs with dangling chains.