Warring States China - Chu vs Qin

Started by mmcv, 18 July 2021, 04:40:07 PM

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Decided to take my Fedual Japanese rules back a couple of millennia and try them out in Warring States China. Read all about it here:


Some action shots:

On another note, do people find the arrows and annotations on the images useful or annoying? They take a bit longer to do (especially since my phone keeps crashing the app when doing them, or failing to save them 2 out of 3 times) but perhaps better illustrate the action. Let me know! The photo app seems to be affecting the quality too, the filters and annotations seem to drop it considerably. May try other apps, though getting close to that time to needing a new phone!

Techno II

Nice one, Matthew.  :-bd

I think (as a non gamer) that I followed that. :)

Cheers - Phil. :)