N Gauge station with colonial high status potential

Started by Sunray, 15 July 2021, 11:58:49 AM

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Looking thought e-bay N gauge I found a delightful image of a 3D resin Station - produced by Bigtrainsound - based in UK

The Grand Old Station Building as it is styled is £14.99 including postage and has a lot of potential way beyond a station, to proxy for a lot of colonial style high status buildings. 

With a little tweaking to the architecture I can see it as the Residence in Khartoum, or any other "marker" building.  An embassy, a small palace, a colonial admin building, military HQ in Middle East, Africa or even Far East. 

The item code is 194016510882.  Perhaps some talented forum user will add a picture to the thread?
This seller has a lot of other useful pieces such as statues and even small ships.


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Many thanks Ithoriel !

You can just imagine a sentry box outside and a cluster of officers on the roof veranda.  The colonial architecture could even stretch to India and NW Frontier.  A 10mm stables & barrack block at the rear with some of Peter Pig 15mm walls perhaps?

A couple of  old cannon in the entrance lobby as guards?

Wow - just seen the mosque!!!!