Seven Years War - Russian Field Officers

Started by T13A, 12 April 2021, 04:53:53 PM

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Not sure if I'm missing it but am I correct in thinking that in the Seven Years War Russian range there is no 'field officer' pack unlike other nations?

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Indeed there are none, but the uniform style was close to the Austrian so they can be used with a suitable paint job.
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One of the beauties of this period, and even more so of the LoA and WSS, is that everyone was dressed largely the same, especially in 10mm.  There were variations like the north-south divide on grenadier mitres v grenadier bearskins and whether your standard bearers should be officers or NCOs, but by and large the main differences were ones of coat colour.

As Leman has pointed out, with senior officers there was very little difference; you may have to remove the odd cockade, or add one. With Prussian generals you have the feather hat trim to contend with but I'm thinking of simply painting it on and moving the hat lace a little lower on the brim.  It looked well enough on Freikorps15s so I'm thinking it should work with Pendrakens.

In the interests of variety, I intend to use as many of the generals in the SYW Miscellaneous range (SYW3-SYW9) as possible for my senior Prussian and Austrian commanders, irrespective of the stated nationality, Frederick might be a bit tricky to to redeploy, but we shall see.

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