10mm 30 Years War Basing

Started by Bunny, 05 April 2021, 10:41:45 AM

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Ok, I have a pile of unpainted lead that I want to turn into two 30 YW armies for Lutzern or Brettienfeld.

Looking for consensus on basing tercios and Swedish Brigades.  As a caveat I like big units, ie lots of figures my League of Augsburg armies have infantry battalions of about 54 figures on a 120x40mm basing.

So for Tercios and Brigades I was thinking either 100mm or 120mm frontage with a 60mm or 80mm depth....but then what layout of figures and what number of figures pike/shot/command?

Any suggestions or illustration would be gratefully received. 


I based mine for the BAroque set of rules. Only done two test bases so far - an early Spanish Tercio (if they ever formed up like this?) and a Swedish unit.  Bases are 12cm wide.

And she said "You haven't bought more of those little men have you?"


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Nice stuff Richard. I would have had the musketeers in contact with the pike in the Tercio.
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Put a black dot in the middle of the muzzle. You'll be pleased with the result.
I have not the pleasure of understanding you. Of what are you talking?


As I understand it most tercios in the period were pretty much all the standard block of pike in the middle with blocks of musket either side. Whether they were the smaller Dutch style ones or the bigger blocks favoured by the imperials.

I think these typically had a 1:1 ratio. If you're looking around 60 figures that might work 15 muskets on each side then a block of 30 in the middle of pike with a few flags and command.

Swedish had more if a 3:2 ratio and tended to have less men per formation I think. Maybe 9-10 men blocks laid out in the standard formation would work if that fits.

I can fit 10 across easily enough on an 80mm base so could probably get around 15 across on a 120.

This is off the top of the head so don't have references to hand.


I just remembered why I originally put my early war ECW on 3 40*30 bases.  It was so I could have a standard musket-pike-musket (MPM) unit but by combining two "units" could have 
                                            M   M
                                            M   M

Same logic for putting command stands separate on 40*10  so then I could cheat - make earlier armies with just a swap out to different command and flags.

Not that I am ever likely to actually do this!!