The Move Pics and Updates!

Started by Leon, 28 March 2021, 05:40:29 PM

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This works really well if read out in a Pathe News voice.

Quote from: fsn on 22 May 2021, 09:24:38 AM
That's good to hear.

I've put three orders in during May, and they've all been despatched within 3-4 days.    :-bd

In Middle-Borough, pre-C20 casters are standing idle as their machines cool. You know what will happen next, we've seen it before. They will idly start discussing Hegel's Dialectics, or the merits of abiogenesis and panspermia, and the next thing the whole workforce will have downed tools and started debating weighty matters. That leads to a massive consumption of custard creams and The Oxford Dictionary of Philosophy. Before you know it the pre-C20 will be entrenched in their support of String Theory and the packers will be convinced in their lived experience of padded bags and there will be a breakdown of order as the C20 team will have formed an anarcho-syndicalist cabal and will be disrupting the means of production by providing Pz IVa turrets to PzIVh hulls, whilst the despatch team will be randomly assigning packages to based on cosmic ordering and the language of flowers. Meanwhile, Milady in a strike against the patriarchy will reject the notion of sorting moulds in chronological order, in favour of a pseudo-order approved by Simone de Beavoir, whilst the tub chairs will be appropriated by the number crunchers in a shockjng misinterpretation of the principles of Confucius.

For just £5.50, you can order a pack of SC5 "Mahdists - Shaven Head". By this simple act, you will keep a pre-C20 casting dwarf from dabbling in C19 German philosophy, and so prevent the ultimate disintegration of society as we know it.   

Big Insect

I thought it was highly creative - 1st rate styff

But I'd warn against dwarves (of any sort) getting embroiled in discussions about String Theory - it all ends up with tears before bed time and is very messy.
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You really do have a nice office space now Leon & Co, which is excellent to see :).

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Quote from: Big Insect on 25 May 2021, 12:16:28 PM
But I'd warn against dwarves (of any sort) getting embroiled in discussions about String Theory - it all ends up with tears before bed time and is very messy.
Absolutely!  I had a team of programming dwarves who got embroiled in a dispute about the nature of Dark Matter. It was weeks before we could return the teaspoons to the canteen!
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Techno II

I'm just glad to see there's a vacuum cleaner there, now....(To keep all those nice new carpets free from all the talc dust.)

Cheers - Phil. :)


As we hit the 2-month mark in our new unit, we can declare Stage 1 complete!

The main rooms are all operational now, so we've got casting and laser machines up and running, the packaging team are getting your orders out to you quickly, and this week we got the office setup so that we can get the paperwork organised properly.  There's a few minor things to tidy up over the rest of this week, door handles, painting, plastic trim, etc but these can be done around the day-to-day jobs.  We've grabbed some pics of the different rooms to show where we were only 8 weeks ago!

BeforeAfterWorkshop by Leon Pengilley, on Flickr

BeforeAfterRooms by Leon Pengilley, on Flickr

BeforeAfterLaser by Leon Pengilley, on Flickr

BeforeAfterShop by Leon Pengilley, on Flickr

With Stage 1 complete we can also now look through all of the current projects and start making some progress on those.  First up will be the Peninsular Napoleonics so keep an eye out for an update there.  The new website will hopefully be ready in a few weeks as well, which will be a real upgrade to the current site.

Stage 2 of our move will be getting the shop ready and open, but work on this won't start for several weeks.  As much as we'd planned and budgeted for the move, there's only so much that can be forecast accurately before you actually get into the building, so the overall costs of the move have been a lot higher than we'd hoped.  We'll need to take some time to refill the bank account before we can start looking at fitting out the shop.

Stage 3 will be the gaming room at the back of the premises, which again will be tackled once we've got the shop opened and things have settled down a bit.

So, keep your orders coming in and we'll get them out to you asap! - Now home to almost 6000 products, including over 4200 products in 10mm, plus MDF bases, Vallejo paints, I-94 decals, Red Vectors MDF buildings, Raiden Miniatures, Militia Miniatures and much, much more!


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Steve J

Great to see the before and after pics, which shows how much you have all achieved in a short space of time :).

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Looks brilliant !  :-bd

Cheers - Phil. :)


Quote from: Leon on 25 May 2021, 11:05:13 PM
, so the overall costs .....have been a lot higher than we'd hoped. 
Same as my 10mm army then! - bases, scenics, bits I forgot ,...
I can probably predict something similar 3 months after receipt of the Peninsular Naps so that should cover a roll of till paper for the shop!

Well done on the move.  Have enjoyed the updates from the front.

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Ooh! RATHER SWISH! (And maybe more so than my old workplace which cost 2m when New...and LOTS of 'mprovements' when floors/roofing drainage, etc. failed!!).  :)
Do hope your security redshirts checked out 'The Bloke' in a Mask, 'eyeballing' the premesis in the pic, though!  :o
I Jest,   ;D But Que est?  :)
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Looks brilliant. Now I am back from my expedition into Wales, I will have to place an order
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Brilliant how you managed to convert a car and trailer into a set of moulds.  Must have been a heck of a job melting it down.  :D
I'll bring up the rest of the brigade.