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Started by Heedless Horseman, 29 April 2021, 05:34:45 AM

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Heedless Horseman

Some things that I have not heard of before on this.

At the time, I envisioned a 'Naval Battle'... which did not happen. BUT, it COULD have. Just as well for those there on both sides, that it did not.
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Quote from: ianrs54 on 29 April 2021, 06:54:52 AM
Good find HH

I regular search for Mark Felton's material.  Good stuff; one of the half dozen sites I consider worth a subscription ... except I never subscribe to any of these channels.

Heedless Horseman

Wow! Looking at some MORE of Mark Felton's vids... particularly WW2 air... SO many 'ops' that I had never even  heard of!  :)
'Rogue Typhoon vs Paris SS HQ', 'Beaufighter ''strike' on Paris', 'Surgical strike on Phillips Plant'...
For ground war WW2, (so far!), the Jagdpanthers vs Churchills and the 2 Panthers vs US armour provide thought for engagements!
Rather think that there will be a LOT more there, in various fields.

Have not 'delved', yet, but has his site been 'flagged' to 'Resources'?   ;) If not...
(40 Yrs ago. I should have been an Angry Young Man... but wasn't.
Now... I am an Old B******! )  ;)


I've flagged a few of his .. "Japanese Soldiers vs Venomous Snakes" is interesting.
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