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Started by Leon, 01 March 2021, 03:01:21 PM

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Which are your 5 favourite entries?

Miniatureforrest's Undead warband
13 (16.7%)
Gareth121's 1870 Republican French
18 (23.1%)
mollinary's Anglo Saxons
44 (56.4%)
chris_vde's Vidosvians
30 (38.5%)
JaymisHawk's Barbarians
3 (3.8%)
Mesius's South Pacific army
9 (11.5%)
Blind Musketeer's ECW Royalists
6 (7.7%)
kodosg42's Crusaders
31 (39.7%)
Jesus's Flanders Tercios
17 (21.8%)
Fierce Kitty's 1420 Hussites
6 (7.7%)
paulr's Later Carthaginians
14 (17.9%)
KyleN90's 1809 Saxons
6 (7.7%)
wilf12358's ECW Parliamentarians
5 (6.4%)
Hoagie's Hill Dwarves
4 (5.1%)
Forez42's WWII Russians
4 (5.1%)
murat1970's Papal States army
16 (20.5%)
Big Insect's Samurai Apes army
4 (5.1%)
xccam's 1781 Tarleton's army
17 (21.8%)
Speirs101's ECW Royalist army
6 (7.7%)
samurai's Classical Greek army
10 (12.8%)
Vincenzo21's 1937 Italians
3 (3.8%)
disco-roc's 1863 Confederates
16 (20.5%)
mmcv's Aztecs
17 (21.8%)
magpiestear's Goblin army
3 (3.8%)
Jungle Badger's packed away army
3 (3.8%)
Tarnowski1's Duchy of Warsaw army
28 (35.9%)
Chris Haenze's Hoplite Greeks
3 (3.8%)
DHautpol's 1796 French
17 (21.8%)
fred's Sengoku Japanese
3 (3.8%)

Total Members Voted: 78

Voting closed: 08 March 2021, 03:01:21 PM


The entries are all in and it's time for you guys to choose our winners! 

Everyone has put a huge amount of time and effort into their entries so please take a couple of minutes to browse through the work on show and choose your favourites.  All of the entries for this category can be found here:,20499.0.html and we've also included a reminder of each below.

We've increased the vote tally so this year everyone has got 5 votes per category instead!  So have a look through the entries below and choose your favourite 5, then pop your votes in the boxes at the top of this thread.  Voting will be open for exactly 7 days and the winners will be revealed at 3pm on Monday 8th March.

So, here they are:

Miniatureforrest's Undead warband:

Gareth121's 1870 Republican French:

mollinary's Anglo Saxons:

chris_vde's Vidosvians:

JaymisHawk's Barbarians:

Mesius's South Pacific army:

Blind Musketeer's ECW Royalists:

kodosg42's Crusaders:

Jesus's Flanders Tercios:

Fierce Kitty's 1420 Hussites:

paulr's Later Carthaginians:

KyleN90's 1809 Saxons:

wilf12358's ECW Parliamentarians:

Hoagie's Hill Dwarves:

Forez42's WWII Russians:

murat1970's Papal States army:

Big Insect's Samurai Apes army:

xccam's 1781 Tarleton's army:

Speirs101's ECW Royalist army:

samurai's Classical Greek army:

Vincenzo21's 1937 Italians:

disco-roc's 1863 Confederates:

mmcv's Aztecs:

magpiestear's Goblin army:

Jungle Badger's packed away army:

Tarnowski1's Duchy of Warsaw army:

Chris Haenze's Hoplite Greeks:

DHautpol's 1796 French:

fred's Sengoku Japanese:

That's all of them, place your votes for your favourites! - Now home to almost 6000 products, including over 4200 products in 10mm, plus MDF bases, Vallejo paints, I-94 decals, Red Vectors MDF buildings, Raiden Miniatures, Militia Miniatures and much, much more!