The Dwarves that started it!

Started by magpiestear, 28 February 2021, 07:06:13 PM

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So many many years ago I got into playing HOTT with my first army being a peter pig garden gnome force.  I needed some other protagonists and wanted some common fantasy types.

I saw these on the Pendraken stand at Sheffield Triples and was instantly taken with them.  I bought one of their HOTT dwarf packs and here they are (with some extra support)

The full force.

IMG_20210228_122009_1 by magpiestear, on Flickr

Dwarf king with his war mage

IMG_20210228_121759_3 by magpiestear, on Flickr

Dwarf rangers/bows supported by a hero (who always reminded me of a certain comic strip gaul!)

IMG_20210228_121807_4 by magpiestear, on Flickr

The lads, dwarf blade armed troops out looking for trouble.

IMG_20210228_121729_3 by magpiestear, on Flickr

Dwarf spears ranked up.  The front rank were my favourite figures in the range.  They always reminded me of the potties from Michael Benteens potty time, which I used to love watching as a kid.

IMG_20210228_121739_3 by magpiestear, on Flickr

IMG_20210228_121753_3 by magpiestear, on Flickr


Some close ups of the battle wagon.  Note the rat sidekick carrying the sound system.

IMG_20210228_121814_1 by magpiestear, on Flickr

IMG_20210228_121825_4 by magpiestear, on Flickr

IMG_20210228_121836_3 by magpiestear, on Flickr

IMG_20210228_121904_4 by magpiestear, on Flickr


Great work, the battle wagon looks good!

Steve J

Big Insect

Nice army

Always a good base fantasy force the Dwarves

Particularly nasty in Warband as they can have all that artillery

Mounting some on armoured bears might produce an interesting base of Dwarf 'knights' maybe.
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They look cozy!

If you ever decide to touch them up a bit. Consider adding a prominent colour for the lot to make them pop out a little more. As they blend in to the terrain slightly at the moment.

Maybe just highlighting the skin would do the trick?