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Started by KyleN90, 13 February 2021, 03:35:19 PM

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Hi all,

I'd just like to start by saying thank you for adding me to the forum.
I've already been perusing through pictures of peoples projects and there's some fantastic stuff out there!

I've only recently discovered Pendraken (and 10mm in general), and after feeling completely drowned by 28mm Napoleonics.
It's been a breath of fresh air and really enjoyable!

Wishing you all the best,


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Greetings Kyle, it's definitely a great scale. Looking forward to seeing what all you get up to.

What projects are you getting into in 10mm? Staying with Napoleonics or trying your hand at something different?


Hi Kyle, welcome to the Forum!

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I have not the pleasure of understanding you. Of what are you talking?


Welcome Kyle! The first discovery of 10mm is always exciting. This has been posted before but worth a repost. It is from the late Aart Brouwer concerning "God's own scale"  :)
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You will enjoy painting them
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Hi Kyle, welcome to the forum
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Welcome Kyle.

Cheers Paul
T13A Out!


Thanks for the warm welcome all.

I'm staying with Napoleonics as it's probably my favourite period of history. I'm currently working on some Saxons from the Battle at Wagram.

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Pictures please. I want to see how you handle white on white.
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Welcome Kyle
Looking forward to seeing your saxons!
I'm very much enjoying the Pendraken range of napoleonic minis


Hi Kyle

Which rules do you use for Naps?

Cheers Paul

T13A Out!


Quote from: fsn on 13 February 2021, 05:33:36 PM

Pictures please. I want to see how you handle white on white.

For the white I use Vallejo Game Colour Heavy Bluegrey (72. 144) and then I go over with Vallejo Model Air White Grey (71. 119)

(Although it's an airbrush paint I only use brushes)

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