Indochine 1951-54: 15 mm or 20mm

Started by henjed, 27 August 2020, 08:49:53 PM

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Just thought I'd report back on what I finally bought - I went with Rolf at RH Models for some 20mm Liberation minis.  Having done 10 mm for so long I thought 15mm was too much of a compromise and I needed to set out in a more radical direction  :D

Rolf was good to deal with (even if his website is rather retro) and about 3 weeks after sending off for the figs (snail mail, with a cheque enclosed!) I got the figures on Saturday. I'm really pleased with them, and they also represent excellent VFM.

Thanks to everyone here who helped me (eventually) make up my mind.

Now I suppose I have to paint the bloody things   :-

I've not painted anything bigger than 10mm (apart from ship minis - and they are smaller scale) for over twenty years... will I be up to it?)