28mm Eastern Front buildings released!

Started by Leon, 08 November 2020, 06:19:27 PM

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Next up on the RedVectors side of things we've got a handful of buildings for WWII games.  While these are primarily Eastern Front style they could easily serve in other areas and periods, basically anywhere you'll find wooden huts!  We already had these available in 15mm and 20mm options, so now they're here for 28mm as well! 

Red Vectors
28mm WWII - https://www.minibits.net/red-vectors/28mm/wwii/
RED-28R-01   Small house   £8.00
RED-28R-02   Large house   £10.00
RED-28R-03   Barn   £10.00
RED-28R-04   Stable   £8.00
RED-28R-05   Pigsty   £5.00

We hope you like them!
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The stable and barn look very good for Wild West too
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